We need your help getting in touch with inmates!

We have some good news for once!

A U.S. District Court found the postcard-only policy in Ventura county to be unconstitutional, after Prison Legal News sued to reverse the policy.  You can read all about the ruling here.  The Ventura County Sheriff has 21 days from when this ruling was handed down to reverse the policy, and then 30 days to appeal.  As happy as I am that after four years, our neighbors will finally get their communication rights back, I’m even happier about what this means for us. I was so happy I ran out and got some celebratory Taco Bell, that’s how happy I was.  We’ve been up in front of the County Supervisors, the press, even the film festival saying that this policy was unconstitutional, and now we have some serious support for that statement.  

This means a big strategy change for us. We need to get in touch with current inmates who have been negatively affected by this policy who are willing to speak with lawyers about how it has made their lives harder.  If you know someone who would like to have their contact info passed onto our lawyer, email us at righttowriteSB@gmail.com or leave us a voicemail at (971) 333-0948.

We also added a section to our website with the times and places of upcoming meetings, and we invited everyone to come.  Last meeting we had cupcakes, they were bomb.  

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